FAQs for Young People

Who decides if I can be home educated?
It is up to your parents/carers whether you learn at school or at home. It should be the case that parents/carers should regard your wishes, but this is not always the case. Once you are aged 16 though, it is entirely your decision.

I hate school! What can I do?
You can talk to your parents or carers and let them know how you are feeling, and why. If they will not listen to you, try to talk to someone you trust and get their help to talk to your parents/carers.

I want to go to school but am home educated just now. What can I do?
It is important that your parents or carers listen to what you have to say. Talk to them about how you are feeling. Explain what you want and why you want it. If they will not listen to you, get a trusted friend to help you talk to them.

My parents have decide to home educate me. How will I make friends if I am not at school?
Were you really allowed to socialise while in school? When you are educated at home, you really will have lots of opportunities to meet people of all ages and make friends. You will meet other home educators and you can join clubs. There is no reason either why you should lose any friends that you already have.