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Back in March Enquire released their “Home Education and Additional Support” publication.

We had noticed over social media the backlash they had received due to some incorrect information and offered our support.

The board agreed we would contact them to help them gain a better understanding of Home Education and to help with a few legal terms that were unfortunately incorrect.

The points we made to be considered for amendment:

  • Permission to HE – You do not need permission to Home Educate, you need consent to withdraw from the School roll. Home Education is a legal right.
  • Home education requests considered by the LA- Again there is no permission needed to home educate. The Local Authority will look at your request for consent to withdraw from the School roll along with your outline of provision.
  • The LA have 6 weeks to decide your request to HE – As above, the request is to withdraw from the School roll. The council decide whether to give consent for your request to withdraw. Not your request to HE.

Our concerns were taken on board very quickly and all incorrect information we had stated was corrected. The publication was republished on 18th August 2020.

Thank you to Enquire for listening to our concerns and working with us. A little help goes a long way.

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  1. Hi I’ve currently moved up from England I have enrolled my dAughter who’s is 14 into a Scotish school we’re she has attended for 3 days but we have decided to go back to England and study gcse do I need permission to remove her

    1. Hi there.

      No you do not need consent withdraw. However out of courtesy inform the School the place is no longer required.


  2. Good to hear you are still working with Children in Scotland. I remember working with Schoolhouse when I was the special needs development officer there before the days of Enquire. Now considering home schooling myself. Keep up the good work.

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