Child Protection Policy Schoolhouse Sept 2017
Child (Young Person) Protection Policy: Schoolhouse
General Statement
(For the purpose of this policy we define children/young people as anyone under the
age of 18 years.) We believe that it is the right of all children/young people to be
protected from all forms of abuse, or any danger to their health and safety; and that it
is our duty to be aware, and to take appropriate preventative action, against any
potential risks to a child. We also believe that it is the right of all children/young
people to be heard, believed and respected, and for their complete needs to be
recognised and met. We believe children and young people have full human rights.
We aim to treat all children/young people as individuals, without prejudice, and work
from the perspective of non-discriminatory practice.
It is acknowledged that all adults are responsible for the safety of all children/young
people, both collectively and individually. We aim to uphold The United Nations
Convention on the Rights of the Child, GIRFEC (Getting It Right for Every Child) and
follow current UK guidelines on child protection.
Safety of children and young people will take precedence over any other policy and
abuse or suspicions of abuse must always be reported to the designated child
protection person.
Role of the designated child protection person
Schoolhouse will appoint a person to be the designated child protection person. This
person will…….
Keep up to date with policies, procedures and legislation in regard to child protection
in the UK and further afield.
Be informed of any child protection issues within Schoolhouse.
Make contact with any relevant agencies for advice and information, when
Liaise with social services and/or police for advice or to report suspected abuse.
Keep the organisation up to date and informed in child protection.
Be the first contact for any volunteers concerned about the safety of any child.
To be the point of contact between the organisation and outside agencies in relation
to child protection.
General procedure
Allegations or suspicions of abuse must always be shared with the child protection
person, as soon as possible.
Child Protection Policy Schoolhouse Sept 2016
Young people/children must be listened to and, wherever possible, kept informed
about matters concerning them.
The child/young person must be informed of our policy on child protection and kept
fully informed about all procedures.
The best interests of the child/young person must always be taken into account in
any action, which are taken.
Advice can be sought from other agencies by the child protection person if abuse is
Suspicions of abuse
Where a situation arises which gives anyone reason to suspect that a child/young
person may be subject to abuse, the following should apply.
1. Refer to the Child Protection Policy.
2. Respect and be aware of the individual child/young person’s rights and
wishes, taking into account the age of the child/young person and the gravity
of the situation.
3. Talk immediately to the child protection person and make them aware of the
nature of your suspicion.