About Schoolhouse

Education ‘by other means’

Contrary to popular belief, not all children go to school. In fact, a growing number of parents are exercising their freedom of choice under the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 to educate their children “by other means”, which includes home-based education.


Schoolhouse aims to:

  • support and enable the education of children and young people outwith school
  • support and enable parental involvement in their children’s education
    encourage children to take responsibility for, and participate in decisions about, their education in accordance with their own wishes
  • promote community interest in children’s education
  • provide independent information and support

The dramatic increase in the number of home educators in Scotland in recent years has led to greater awareness among local authorities, the voluntary sector and the wider public of home education in all its diversity.

As an established national Scottish charity dedicated to supporting learning outside the school system, Schoolhouse remains committed to providing independent information and support to home educators and potential home educators, and to ensuring that they receive fair, consistent and equal treatment in their dealings with local authorities and other services.


The Board

Current trustees to date:

L Matthew – Convener

M Hunter – Vice Convener

E Lil – Secretary and Treasurer

I Forbes – Media outlets