nrich – Part of the Millennium Mathematics Project based in the University of Cambridge. The site is republished every month with new content – maths problems, games and articles.

Cut the Knot – Interactive mathematics, games and puzzles. – Twinkl offers Maths for Primary and Secondary level. Learning mathematics through games and worksheets. -Oxford Owl offers a number of activities for children aged 5-11, through books, games, reading and writing materials.


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Moose Maths: For Pre School to 6 years. Numbers, counting, addition & subtraction, geometry and measurement.

Meet the Numberblocks: For Pre School. Counting and number recognition.

Todo Maths: Pre School to 6/7 years. Levelled maths covering counting, number, calculation, logic, geometry, clocks and calendars.

Math Multiply & Divide Training For Kids: For 7/8 years. Beginners multiplication and division & practice multiplication.

10 Minute Maths a Day: 7-11 years. Multiplication skills.