Rise in HE figures – Covid 19

During the middle of March Schoolhouse started receiving a huge number of enquires from worried parents and carers. These enquires were parents/ carers who were worried about their children’s health and how they would manage to educate their children at home, after it was announced that Schools in Scotland would close from March 23rd due to the rise in Corona Virus cases (Covid 19).

After providing valuable support to families, most returned to ask about continuing home learning as they had seen a massive change in their children’s behaviour, confidence and how keen they were to learn at home in calm and less stressful environment.

Schoolhouse conducted a poll on the 7th June across our social media platforms and emails. Families were simply asked to state which of the statements below they were leaning towards at present.

Statements were:

  • I will be withdrawing
  • Considering flexi Schooling
  • Considering HE
  • Kids will be returning to School
  • haven’t decided yet

After evaluating the information that parents/carers had provided we found that over 81.5% of families would not be returning their children to School or were considering other methods of education. From there we were advising how to go about the process of consent to withdraw with intent to exercise their legal right under the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 to educate their children at home.

Those returning to School or undecided where grouped together for the research which makes up the remaining 18.5%.

Many of those families did go on to start their journey of HE and we wish them all the best of luck.

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