Beware of Named Puppets bearing GIRFEC ‘gifts’

Our petition continues to attract support and comments from individuals who have been badly affected by the implementation of GIRFEC, despite the fact that no enabling legislation has yet been passed and is, in any case, likely to be subject to legal challenge.  Named Persons and other professionals acting unlawfully may try to argue that they […]

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Home education under attack in the Netherlands

Graham and Rippy Dusseldorp

The Netherlands is the latest European nation to mount an assault on home education and family freedom to opt out of the state schooling system without a shred of evidence to support the contention that it is any less efficient or successful than schooling.

Leiden home learners are asking for assistance from the […]

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There’s no V (for vulnerable) in GIRFEC

Thank you to everyone who has supported our petition which has now gathered 1165 signatures over the past month from those who do not believe the Scottish Parliament has the right, or legislative competence, to introduce what amounts to a national identity register via a Trojan horse Bill cleverly disguised in child protection clothing.

The mainstream and social […]

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Schoolhouse petition to reject GIRFEC surveillance and a named person for every child in Scotland

Further to the concerns outlined in our previous article and an unprecedented level of interest in the far-reaching implications of key proposals within the Children and Young People Bill, Schoolhouse has created an online petition via the website in which it calls upon every Member of the Scottish Parliament to ‘get it right’ and reject […]