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    Critical masses say no to Snooperati

    Monday, 30th March 2015 | Home Ed in the News, Law & Policy

    GIRFEC: Getting Information Recorded For Every Child (and the whole family tree!)   The Schoolhouse petition (which was set up purely as an awareness raising tool when it became clear that parents and professionals were being misled into believing that GIRFEC was about protecting vulnerable children rather than a mass data stealing exercise) has now passed the 6000 signature mark, and supporters will no doubt welcome an update on progress, if it can be described thus.   A legal challenge by the NO2NP campaign is ongoing, with an appeal hearing having been fast tracked following one judge’s failure to comprehend the serious damage already being…

    Dingwall NO2NP roadshow

    Saturday, 7th March 2015 | Events & Activities, Home Ed in the News, Law & Policy

      The NO2NP roadshow visited Dingwall on 4th March, where a capacity audience (bigger than the Beatles!) heard from Michael Veitch of the Christian Institute, Lesley Scott of the Tymes Trust and Alison Preuss from Schoolhouse. Some challenging questions and interesting comments were raised from the floor, perhaps the most surprising among them being that many parents had had no idea about the Named Person, or the fact that GIRFEC had been piloted in the Highlands – making a mockery of the universal benefits claimed for what was a small, selective project that was deliberately limited in scope to address the needs of…

    New NO2NP roadshow dates announced

    Wednesday, 17th December 2014 | Events & Activities, Home Ed in the News, Law & Policy

    New roadshow dates have been announced for January and February 2015, when the NO2NP Campaign will be visiting Livingston, Greenock and Dunfermline.  



    A Named Parent for every professional?

    Tuesday, 2nd December 2014 | Home Ed in the News, Law & Policy, Media

    The Myles Bradbury case brings into sharp focus the inherent dangers of the universal Scottish Named Person scheme, which promotes professional power-over access to every child and facilitates the gathering and sharing of every child’s (and every associated adult’s) sensitive personal data among a large number of other professionals without informed consent. As was contended in the recent judicial review, this flies in the face of Article 8 of the ECHR and is in blatant breach of the ‘consent’ and ‘necessity’ tests in both the UK Data Protection Act and EU Directives. Since publishing some anonymised case studies to demonstrate the…

    Schoolhouse presentation: Inverness NO2NP roadshow

    Friday, 28th November 2014 | Events & Activities, Home Ed in the News, Law & Policy, Media, Schoolhouse

    The NO2NP youtube channel has now uploaded Alison Preuss’s presentation on behalf of Schoolhouse to the Inverness roadshow which took place on 1st October 2014. The transcript is available here.    


    Victims of GIRFEC data theft and SHANARRI tick box tyranny

    Thursday, 27th November 2014 | Home Ed in the News, Law & Policy, Research

    Schoolhouse remains deeply concerned by reports of harassment, bullying and ultra vires activities on the part of the new ‘SHANARRI Stasi’, which has been unleashed on the unsuspecting families of Scotland as a result of the Children and Young People Act. As we await the outcome of the judicial review just heard at the Court of Session, in which Aidan O’Neill QC reminded the government that “There is a responsibility in legislating. You can’t just put out any old rubbish”, we thought we would post a few anonymised case studies to demonstrate how things go very wrong for families when they…

    Beware of cuddly cuddies! Montrose NO2NP roadshow

    Thursday, 27th November 2014 | Events & Activities, Home Ed in the News, Law & Policy, Media

      Image credit: Montrose Review (related article here) Schoolhouse co-ordinator Alison Preuss was one of the speakers at the latest NO2NP roadshow, which attracted a lively audience to the Park Hotel in Montrose. Chaired by Michael Veitch from the Christian Institute, the audience also heard from Lesley Scott of the Tymes Trust which represents families of young ME sufferers.   Concerned members of the public took the opportunity to raise questions and concerns about lack of training for teachers, named person allocation for home educated children, data sharing without consent, consequences of ‘non-engagement’, and the potentially damaging effects of ‘labelling’ children from an early…

    NO2NP November Roadshows: Perth & Montrose

    Wednesday, 5th November 2014 | Events & Activities, Home Ed in the News, Law & Policy

    No2np roadshowsDon’t miss these upcoming NO2NP roadshows in Perth and Montrose!


    no2np roadshows



    Judicial Review: Named Person scheme and associated data theft

    Wednesday, 5th November 2014 | Home Ed in the News, Law & Policy

    In advance of the Judicial Review which is to commence later this month, we are grateful to our colleague Tristram Llewellyn-Jones from the Isle of Man for circulating this excellent position paper focusing on the non-consensual universal data gathering and sharing on which GIRFEC and the compulsory Named Person scheme rely.   Named Person Judicial Review – T C Llewellyn Jones [pdf]   One commenter has described the paper as “a very clear explanation of the motivations behind introducing the Named Person into Scotland and the inevitable inequitable, prejudiced and targeted use of the powers over individual families and children.” Let’s hope the Court…

    NO2NP roadshow visits Inverness

    Saturday, 4th October 2014 | Events & Activities, Home Ed in the News, Law & Policy, Media, Schoolhouse

    Schoolhouse was pleased to take part in the NO2NP Inverness roadshow on 1st October, which attracted a lively audience concerned about the implications of the Children and Young People Act for every family in Scotland.   The event was filmed and we will add a link as soon as the video is available [now available here]. Meanwhile, here is a transcript of the Schoolhouse co-ordinator’s presentation with links for reference.     Schoolhouse presentation, Inverness NO2NP roadshow   Home educators tend to have highly sensitive ‘early identification’ antennae to detect threats to our existence because we are a bit of a misunderstood and misrepresented minority. We’ve…