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Schoolhouse urges Secretary of State to invoke Scotland Act powers

Following the passage of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill, Schoolhouse has written to the Secretary of State for Scotland requesting that he refer the legislation to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council under Section 35 of the Scotland Act. We are aware that we are not alone in urging this course of […]

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The lawyers can’t all be wrong

Further to our recent post Legal advice we are happy to share, unlike the Scottish Government, the Christian Institute has published details of the legal opinion it recently obtained from Aidan O’Neill QC on the most contentious provisions within the Children and Young People Bill.

As reported in a news article on the charity’s website:

QC Aidan O’Neill said […]

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Legal advice we are happy to share, unlike like the Scottish Government

Despite requests from MSPs and members of the public, the Scottish Government is still refusing to publish its legal advice on the most contentious aspects of its Children and Young People Bill, currently making its weary way through the Scottish Parliament. Given the parliamentary arithmetic, whereby the government can steamroller through what it likes and […]

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Schoolhouse written evidence submitted to the Education & Culture Committee

Schoolhouse has responded to the call for evidence by the Education and Culture Committee on the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill which is currently proceeding through the Scottish Parliament.

Given (a) the unwillingness of the Minister to acknowledge the seriousness and legitimacy of the concens we (and others) have continued to express about the implementation of […]

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There’s no V (for vulnerable) in GIRFEC

Thank you to everyone who has supported our petition which has now gathered 1165 signatures over the past month from those who do not believe the Scottish Parliament has the right, or legislative competence, to introduce what amounts to a national identity register via a Trojan horse Bill cleverly disguised in child protection clothing.

The mainstream and social […]

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Schoolhouse petition to reject GIRFEC surveillance and a named person for every child in Scotland

Further to the concerns outlined in our previous article and an unprecedented level of interest in the far-reaching implications of key proposals within the Children and Young People Bill, Schoolhouse has created an online petition via the website in which it calls upon every Member of the Scottish Parliament to ‘get it right’ and reject […]

Children and Young People Bill ‘gets it wrong’ and heralds a new totalitarian Scotland

The introduction to the Scottish Parliament of the Children and Young People (aka CHYP & PIN) Bill earlier this month has been accompanied by a predictable fanfare of what can only be described (by those of us who have done our ‘joined up’ homework over the past decade and more) as propaganda designed to fool the sheeple. For those not yet up to speed […]

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Flexischooling in England: what Balls giveth, Gove taketh away

We will preface this post with the statement that flexi-schooling or part-time schooling is not the same as elective home education, which involves taking full-time responsibility for the education of your own children during the compulsory years.

However, since it has always been Schoolhouse’s view that all parents are essentially ‘home educators’, even if they send their […]

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Perth & Kinross Council: Getting It Wrong Again

Following on from our recent post, Hidden from whom? The ongoing stigmatisation of home educators, we have received a breathtakingly arrogant response to our FOI request from Perth and Kinross Council, whose Child Protection Committee has sunk to NSPCC levels in disseminating deliberate falsehoods about home education. We are angry on behalf of home educators, whose […]

Non-Confidential Responses to Children and Young People Bill

Non-confidential responses to the consultation on the proposed Children and Young People Bill are now on the Scottish Government’s website. View them here.

This bit caught our eye:

Please note that some consultation responses have been partially redacted due to potentially defamatory / confidential content. The full responses were considered in the consultation exercise.

On the matter of […]

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