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Media articles

A week in education (TES Scotland, 10 September 2010)

“The home education organisation Schoolhouse believes it has been given the strongest ministerial support yet, following parliamentary replies from Education Secretary Michael Russell to Green MSP Robin Harper. Mr Russell, who has been sharply critical in the past of education authority attitudes to home education, told Mr Harper that it should be treated as “a key aspect of parental choice” and added: “We recognise the legitimacy of that choice”. Schoolhouse claims that, despite two years of statutory guidance, too many parents were still being “routinely misinformed” about their rights by local authorities.”

A week in education (TES Scotland, 27 August 2010)

“A Labour MSP has called for home-schooling rules to be examined after three children were killed in Edinburgh and their mother charged with their murder. Duncan McNeil has questioned whether the lives of the Riggi children could have been saved if they had been educated at school, not at home. He told a Sunday newspaper: “Any inquiry should try to determine whether the home-schooling of the Riggi children led to any delays in the authorities picking up on the danger they were in.” National home education organisation Schoolhouse condemned his comments, describing them as “insensitive, deplorable and tantamount to grave-robbing”.”

Pressure increases on Labour MSP over Riggi slurs (Newsnet Scotland, 17 August 2010)

Home-schooling group raps Labour MSP as ‘insensitive’ (The Courier, August 2010)

Outrage as Labour MSP uses Riggi child deaths to attack SNP (Newsnet Scotland, 8 August 2010)

A week in education (TES Scotland, 12 March 2010)

“Parents are coming under “intense pressure” to register their children for school, according to the home-education charity Schoolhouse. It says it has received “numerous reports” from parents of three- and four-year-olds anxious that they are being pressurised and told they face losing a nursery place during the year before their child reaches school age. Schoolhouse claims parents are being “deliberately misled” into believing they are obliged to send their children to school.”

New ‘totalitarian’ home education plans drive families north to Scotland (The Guardian, 11 August 2009)

No place like home (Holyrood Magazine, 22 September 2008)

A week in education (TESS, 15 August 2008)

“There has been an upsurge of interest in home education from parents whose children are “dreading a return to the classroom”, according to the support organisation Schoolhouse. Its monthly enquiry rate is usually between 100 and 120, but it has had nearly 100 this month already. Alison Preuss of Schoolhouse says its biggest headache has been parents acting on wrong information due to the proliferation of “UK” information websites which do not distinguish between English and Scottish education law.”

More Scots parents choose home education (Daily Express, 12 August 2008)

Surge in bullying behind increase in home education (The Scotsman, 5 May 2008)

Reduced timescale for decisions on home education (The Herald, 11 January 2008)

Home education guidance updated (TESS, 11 January 2008)

Parents deceived about home schooling (TESS Letter, 5  October 2007)

Home educators are not abusers  (TESS, 7 March 2007)

Basis for home schooling concerns leading councillor (Inverness Courier, 6 February 2007)

Where learning is at home (TESS, 26 January 2007)

Sharp increase in home education (BBC News, 13 November 2006)

Education has a place at home (TESS Letters, 10 March 2006)

There is no divine right to educate (TESS Platform, 10 February 2006)

Councils ‘stop children from being taught at home’ (The Scotsman, 25 March 2005)

Home snoopers shown the door (TESS, 18 July 2003)

Scotland to ban teaching of children at home (The Independent, 31 July 2002)

The right to say no to school (TESS Comment, 21 September 2001)

Learners in a class of their own (TESS Comment, 2 February 2001)

Home rules, OK? (TES Magazine, 10 November 2000)

Children taught at home learn more (The Guardian, 13 August 2000)

Parents’ right to know (TESS Letters, 11 June 1999)