Checklist for preparing an outline of provision

Please  note that Schoolhouse does not provide a template for preparing an outline  of provision, so please do not request one! Home education provision should essentially be tailored by each family to the learning needs of each individual child.

The following checklist of questions may assist parents in preparing an outline of their home education provision, either for their own use or as a means of satisfying the local authority:

  • Will you or your partner be involved in the child’s education on a day to day basis? This may mean actively teaching or as a resource for the child to access for help as and when required.
  • Presence of a philosophy or ethos: What do you hope to gain for your child from home education? Do you intend to follow a structured, school-at-home education, an autonomous child-led style or a combination of the two?
  • Do you intend to review progress by discussion, by being involved from day to day or by testing? Do you plan to follow the Scottish curriculum guidelines (CfE) or be led by the child’s interests, or another form of curriculum? Does your child have particular needs or interests which you plan to meet?
  • How will your child be stimulated from these learning experiences? Will there be opportunity for individual learning?
  • What kind of activities will your child be able to take part in? Do they swim, attend clubs, meet with friends, attend group activities of any kind? Do they have particular hobbies you can encourage them to develop?
  • What resources do you have available to help you? This might include books, videos, DVDs, television programmes, computer, internet access, CD-ROMS, local sports centres, out of home classes, group activities, local museums and libraries, children’s kits (eg science kits), art and craft supplies.


How your Local Authority should respond