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    Older News

    GIRFEC breaches Article 8 and the Data Protection Act

    Thursday, 1st August 2013 | Home Ed in the News | Law & Policy | Older News

    Voices of dissent over the Great God GIRFEC appear to be gathering a head of steam and and, what’s more, they are singing from remarkably similar song sheets in relation to the legality (or otherwise) of this universal surveillance policy dressed up in child protection clothing.   The state sponsored intrusion into private family lives is already well underway and being implemented without question by naive (or complicit) professionals to the detriment of parents and children in Scotland, many of whom have found it well nigh impossible to shake off unwanted tick box tyrants who believe every child should be brought up…

    Learning Without Limits conference report

    Tuesday, 12th May 2009 | Events & Activities | Older News | Schoolhouse

    The  Schoolhouse  Learning Without Limits conference was held in Arbroath, Angus, on 12/13/14 September 2008 to mark International Freedom in Education Day.

    A report of the event is now available for downloading.

    Schoolhouse conference newsletter

    Every Single Parent Matters

    Sunday, 1st June 2008 | Media | Older News | Schoolhouse

    Families fight back in the face of Government forced labour regime Parents and children across the UK are being urged to ask their MPs and Children’s Commissioners if they will fight for families in the face of the UK Government’s proposed new Social Security regulations which are due to come before the UK Parliament before the summer recess.[1] Under the new rules, lone parents who depend on Income Support while caring for their children will lose benefits unless they actively seek work as soon as their youngest child reaches 12 (from November 2008), with the age threshhold reducing to seven by…

    UK Government accused of impoverishing children

    Friday, 9th May 2008 | Law & Policy | Media | Older News

    Joint media release from Schoolhouse and Action for Home Education For immediate release, Friday 9 May 2008 UK GOVERNMENT ACCUSED OF IMPOVERISHING CHILDREN THROUGH FORCED LABOUR REGIME FOR LONE PARENTS Scotland’s national home education support organisation, Schoolhouse [1], and its counterpart south of the border, Action for Home Education (AHEd) [2], have jointly expressed deep dismay and disappointment at the UK Government’s decision to remove the safety net of Income Support (IS) from lone parents whose youngest child is aged 12 years from November 2008. The age threshhold will subsequently be reduced so that, by 2010, lone parents will be required…

    Schoolhouse Conference

    Friday, 6th April 2007 | Events & Activities | Older News | Schoolhouse

    The Schoolhouse Management Committee is delighted to confirm that we are going ahead with our planned conference to celebrate International Freedom in Education Day. The event will take place in Arbroath, Angus, over the weekend of 12th/13th/14th September 2008. We are all especially delighted to announce that John Taylor Gatto has agreed to be our keynote speaker, with other speakers to be confirmed shortly. A formal conference for individuals and public, private and voluntary sector representatives will run alongside a more family orientated gathering on the Friday, while an informal conference for families and interested individuals will run throughout Saturday and on…

    Towards Positive Partnerships Report

    Friday, 16th February 2007 | Older News | Research | Schoolhouse

    Report of the research carried out by the SCC during 2006/2007 in association with Schoolhouse.

    Click to download the report of the research carried out.

    Better guidance needed on home education

    Friday, 16th February 2007 | Media | Older News

    Local authorities and home-educating families need better guidance from the Scottish Executive if they are to develop positive partnerships, says a report from the Scottish Consumer Council. The report Home-based Education: Towards Positive Partnerships is based on a Scotland-wide survey of local authorities and case studies of home-educating families. It found wide variations in the approach and practices adopted by local authorities. This can foster suspicion and lead to increased tension between families and council staff which, ultimately, can be damaging for children. The report sets out a series of recommendations for improving the relationship between families and their local councils. It…

    Revised Statutory Guidance issued by Executive

    Friday, 16th February 2007 | Law & Policy | Older News

    The Scottish Government Education Directorate issued revised Statutory Guidance on home education on 10 January 2008 which sets out the respective roles and responsibilities of parents, children and education authorities.

    You can read the Guidance online here.  Also available to download here.

    Guidance review: councils could do better

    Wednesday, 14th February 2007 | Law & Policy | Media | Older News | Schoolhouse

    In a detailed response to the Scottish Executive’s consultation which closes this week, the national home education support organisation Schoolhouse has outlined a series of recommendations which it believes would ensure more effective implementation of the statutory guidance on the circumstances in which parents my choose to educated their children at home. (1) Issued in March 2004 under section 14 of the Standards in Scotland’s Schools etc 2000, the guidance recognises home education as a key aspect of parental choice and aims to encourage good practice in relationships between local authorities and home educators. (2) However, nearly three years later, Schoolhouse…

    Home education guidance review

    Monday, 12th February 2007 | Law & Policy | Older News

    Read a copy of the guidance in PDF format

    (This should open fine with Acrobat Reader 6 or better (1998).

    If you need Acrobat Reader Version 8 is available free from here: