Children ‘missing’ from what, exactly?

BBC Scotland reports emotively today on the alleged ‘Toll of kids missing from school’.

We are unreliably informed that:

“In some cases, children are marked as missing because they have moved house and failed to tell the school. Agencies say others disappear for more “sinister” reasons including abuse and forced marriage. In the past five years, 2,619 […]

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A Named Parent for every professional?

The Myles Bradbury case brings into sharp focus the inherent dangers of the universal Scottish Named Person scheme, which promotes professional power-over access to every child and facilitates the gathering and sharing of every child’s (and every associated adult’s) sensitive personal data among a large number of other professionals without informed consent. As was contended in the recent judicial review, this […]

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Schoolhouse presentation: Inverness NO2NP roadshow

The NO2NP youtube channel has now uploaded Alison Preuss’s presentation on behalf of Schoolhouse to the Inverness roadshow which took place on 1st October 2014. The transcript is available here.



Beware of cuddly cuddies! Montrose NO2NP roadshow

Image credit: Montrose Review (related article here)

Schoolhouse co-ordinator Alison Preuss was one of the speakers at the latest NO2NP roadshow, which attracted a lively audience to the Park Hotel in Montrose. Chaired by Michael Veitch from the Christian Institute, the audience also heard from Lesley Scott of the Tymes Trust which represents families of young […]

NO2NP roadshow visits Inverness

Schoolhouse was pleased to take part in the NO2NP Inverness roadshow on 1st October, which attracted a lively audience concerned about the implications of the Children and Young People Act for every family in Scotland.

The event was filmed and we will add a link as soon as the video is available . Meanwhile, here is a […]

NO2NP campaign gathers momentum

The No2NP campaign is gathering momentum and a number of videos have been released highlighting the concerns of various individuals and organisations regarding the implementation of the compulsory named person / state guardian scheme and allied universal data gathering and sharing without consent.

Schoolhouse’s spokesperson describes the approach of the “state steamroller” from the home educators’ […]

Who’s going to fix it when they ‘get it wrong’ for our child?

As we reported in our recent article, GIRFEC, data mining, consent and the Named Person: who’s misleading whom?, the  legal challenge to the anti-family Part 4 of the Children & Young People (Scotland) Act has now been officially launched. A small crowd of supporters was in attendance on 9th July, along with an impressive media […]

Ireland’s shame: only the F word will do

When the Irish state imprisons a parent for exercising a right enshrined in her country’s constitution – to educate her children outside the school system – only the F word will suffice to sum up the injustice.

But it’s not only naturally freethinking home educators who have noticed the creeping fascism, cleverly disguised as ‘safeguarding’ or ‘protection’, which is infecting […]

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GIRFEC, data mining, consent and the Named Person: who’s misleading whom?

Image credit: No2NP

A range of media coverage of yesterday’s launch of the judicial review of the Named Person and data mining provisions within the Children & Young People (Scotland) Act can now be found on the NO2NP Facebook page.

Just as the legal papers were being lodged by the Christian Institute at the Court of Session,  we were somewhat […]

Named Persons in the firing line

Some of the attendees at the No2NP conference and campaign launch 

We must apologise for the belatedness of this update, but we do have several compelling excuses!

We have been fielding a record number of enquiries from home educating parents and those considering the option due entirely to anxieties about GIRFEC, Named Persons and the legalised data […]

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