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    Data theft and the Named Person latest

    Thursday, 10th April 2014 | Home Ed in the News | Law & Policy | Media | Schoolhouse

    Like ‘terrorism’, ‘child protection’ has long been used by control freak governments of all political persuasions as an emotive excuse to justify the abuse of citizens’ human rights and the breaching of data protection safeguards. The Children and Young People (Scotland) Act is one such example of Trojan Horse legislation, based on policy based ‘evidence’ and backed by Pinocchio PR. It was rushed through the Scottish Parliament by the present government because it suited vested interests and, despite being a New Labour construct, they are apparently “all in it together”.   The state funded cheerleading children’s charities, shamelessly begging for a bigger…

    Bought and sold for GIRFEC gold

    Saturday, 8th March 2014 | Home Ed in the News | Law & Policy | Media | Schoolhouse

    Now that the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill has been passed (pending royal assent) all the usual suspects in the public and third sectors are celebrating their state sanctioned status as nosy parker Named Persons with powers to interfere in private family life. How long will it be before they fully appreciate the implications of selling out the families they are supposed to serve for GIRFEC gold?   As we and others have long been at pains to point out, data theft and citizen surveillance is what this Big Brother Scotland Bill is all about and the more accurate definition of…

    Schoolhouse urges Secretary of State to invoke Scotland Act powers

    Wednesday, 19th February 2014 | Home Ed in the News | Law & Policy | Media | Schoolhouse

    Following the passage of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill, Schoolhouse has written to the Secretary of State for Scotland requesting that he refer the legislation to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council under Section 35 of the Scotland Act. We are aware that we are not alone in urging this course of action in the light of legal opinion from senior counsel and advice from a constitutional law expert.   We have reproduced in full the text of our letter to the Secretary of State for the elucidation of those who may still be unaware of, or who have…

    A salutory lesson from the Isle of Man as MSPs prepare to abolish every child’s right to privacy

    Wednesday, 19th February 2014 | Home Ed in the News | Law & Policy | Media

    We are indebted to Tristram Llewellyn-Jones from the Isle of Man for once again exposing the pitfalls in the information sharing and named person provisions contained in the Children and Young People Bill due to be passed at Holyrood today. Ever since the Bill was introduced, most MSPs have consistently failed to comprehend the concerns highlighted by parents, lawyers, social work experts and others, preferring to listen to those with a vested financial  interest in providing services to families, whether or not they want or need them. Astonishingly, some MSPs are still claiming the Bill is about protecting the most…

    Braveheart gives way to Graveheart

    Tuesday, 18th February 2014 | Home Ed in the News | Law & Policy | Media

    We have been receiving requests for information and messages of support from organisations and individuals across the globe who share our concerns about the non consensual data sharing and named person aspects of the Children and Young People Bill which is about to be voted through the Scottish Parliament and which we have opposed from the outset.   International correspondents have expressed dismay at “watching Scotland slide into totalitarianism” and some have urged families with children to “get out while you can”. One suggested that Braveheart had given way to Graveheart – far too good a soundbite not to share!   Since we have…

    Freedom dumped in favour of glory, riches and honours for the few?

    Tuesday, 18th February 2014 | Home Ed in the News | Law & Policy | Media

    This letter from a Schoolhouse member to MSPs, urging rejection of the data mining and named person provisions within the Children and Young People Bill which is expected to be nodded through at Holyrood tomorrow, is reproduced below with the author’s permission. It does not necessarily reflect the views of Schoolhouse, but judging by their comments, the 2790 people who have now signed our petition would appear to concur with its sentiments.   Dear  MSP   Re: CHYP Bill / Graveheart Since we both know that my raising concerns with you is almost as pointless an exercise as bothering to vote in elections, I won’t…

    The Big Lie lives on at public expense

    Wednesday, 15th January 2014 | Home Ed in the News | Law & Policy | Media

    East Renfrewshire Council came to our attention this week when a home educating parent spotted this claim being touted in her local newspaper, the East Kilbride News, and on a local news website:   “Children must be registered at their local catchment primary, even if parents intend to make a placing request, defer the place for a year, educate them privately, or teach them at home.” Spot the glaring errors?   Concerned that members of the public were being misled, we contacted the local news website where the offending statement had first been noticed and which had published it verbatim and in good faith from…

    Legal advice we are happy to share, unlike like the Scottish Government

    Monday, 13th January 2014 | Home Ed in the News | Law & Policy | Media | Schoolhouse

    Despite requests from MSPs and members of the public, the Scottish Government is still refusing to publish its legal advice on the most contentious aspects of its Children and Young People Bill, currently making its weary way through the Scottish Parliament. Given the parliamentary arithmetic, whereby the government can steamroller through what it likes and is showing every sign of doing so in this case, it is unlikely that any appeal to common decency will persuade “those who know best for everyone else” to  abandon the convenience of opacity in favour of transparency.   So far, all amendments seeking to curb unwarranted…

    Unschooling (autonomous education) in the news

    Monday, 16th December 2013 | Home Ed in the News | Media

    Unschooling in action at the Schoolhouse picnic   Unschooling (more usually known in the UK as autonomous education) was in the news last week when Maryanne Jacobs, a home educator from Gorebridge, Midlothian, was interviewed on Daybreak TV and featured in an article in the Daily Mail.   Children stay at home to ‘learn naturally’ via games and long walks   The stay-at-home children who are being ‘unschooled’: Mother lets her kids ‘teach’ themselves – by playing computer games and having ‘life experiences’ Maryanne gave an excellent account of home education the autonomous or unschooling way, and she is to be congratulated for raising awareness of how…

    A parent reflects on her home education journey

    Thursday, 3rd October 2013 | Home Ed in the News | Media | Schoolhouse

    One parent reflects on her (initially reluctant) decision to home educate her daughter, who had been badly let down by the education system, and reports on the positive and healthy ‘outcomes’ of withdrawing her from school. An inspiring piece, we’re sure you’ll agree. I home educated my daughter and it was the scariest and best decision I have ever made. My only regret is that I did not make the decision to home educate sooner. My daughter is a highly intelligent girl who has Asperger’s Syndrome. As a preschool child, she was relatively happy and inquisitive about the world around her….