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Schoolhouse at Greenock NO2NP roadshow







The NO2NP roadshow made a return visit to Greenock on 18 January, where a sizeable and enthusiastic audience was updated on the progress of the campaign, including the upcoming Supreme Court hearing in London. Chaired by Nigel Kenny (who doubled as the official photographer), the evening’s speakers (pictured above) were Gordon McDonald from CARE […]

NO2NP roadshow visits Ayr/Prestwick

The NO2NP roadshow stopped off in Ayrshire on Tuesday 8 December, attracting a capacity audience to the Carlton Hotel in Prestwick. Nigel Kenny officiated on behalf of NO2NP, updating attendees on the legal challenge and ongoing campaign activities across the country, before introducing speakers Lesley Scott of of the Tymes Trust and Alison Preuss of Schoolhouse, whose presentation is […]

Glasgow NO2NP Roadshow

NO2NP held its latest roadshow at the Couper Institute in Glasgow on Monday 14 September, which was chaired by Dr Stuart Waiton of Abertay University and addressed by community paediatrician Dr Jenny Cunningham, Lesley Scott of the TYMES Trust, Nigel Kenny of the Christian Institute and Schoolhouse co-ordinator Alison Preuss. The event, the third to be […]

‘Fairer Scotland’ minister fails to grasp GIRFEC thistle

Alex Neil, the Social Justice Secretary, hosted a Fairer Scotland Q&A session  on the Scottish Government’s Facebook page the other evening. It wasn’t a roaring success, just like the real life events in Glasgow and Kilmarnock, where the Named Person issue dominated discussions, and many questions surrounding the scheme – including  those about consent, necessity […]

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Schoolhouse Info and Networking event, Dundee, 13 June 2015

Schoolhouse will be holding an information and networking event in central Dundee on Saturday 13th June, from 11am until 3pm.

If you want to know more about the current position regarding home education and what your rights and responsibilities are as home educators, then this is the event for you! Participants will also have ample opportunity […]

Critical masses say no to Snooperati

GIRFEC: Getting Information Recorded For Every Child (and the whole family tree!)

The Schoolhouse petition (which was set up purely as an awareness raising tool when it became clear that parents and professionals were being misled into believing that GIRFEC was about protecting vulnerable children rather than a mass data stealing exercise) has now passed the 6000 […]

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Dingwall NO2NP roadshow

The NO2NP roadshow visited Dingwall on 4th March, where a capacity audience (bigger than the Beatles!) heard from Michael Veitch of the Christian Institute, Lesley Scott of the Tymes Trust and Alison Preuss from Schoolhouse. Some challenging questions and interesting comments were raised from the floor, perhaps the most surprising among them being that many parents had […]

New NO2NP roadshow dates announced

New roadshow dates have been announced for January and February 2015, when the NO2NP Campaign will be visiting Livingston, Greenock and Dunfermline.


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Children ‘missing’ from what, exactly?

BBC Scotland reports emotively today on the alleged ‘Toll of kids missing from school’.

We are unreliably informed that:

“In some cases, children are marked as missing because they have moved house and failed to tell the school. Agencies say others disappear for more “sinister” reasons including abuse and forced marriage. In the past five years, 2,619 […]

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A Named Parent for every professional?

The Myles Bradbury case brings into sharp focus the inherent dangers of the universal Scottish Named Person scheme, which promotes professional power-over access to every child and facilitates the gathering and sharing of every child’s (and every associated adult’s) sensitive personal data among a large number of other professionals without informed consent. As was contended in the recent judicial review, this […]

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