A great time was had by all at the Schoolhouse Spring Picnic held yesterday in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh.

Home educating families came from near and far and it was wonderful to see so many smiling faces, of all ages, enjoy some social time and space together. It was pretty cold, but at least it didn’t rain.

Ann Marie kindly brought some games paraphernalia and certificates, and both children and parents demonstrated some serious competitive spirit during our somewhat wacky races! Ann Marie has hereby been designated our Not Back to School Sports Day co-ordinator since Alison A (who hosted the inaugural ‘not back’ games on Glasgow Green around 15 years ago) has retired from the position with a well deserved long service good conduct medal.

And they say home educated children don’t ‘socialise’! Well, we beg to differ. If a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few that capture the flavour of our free range learning  day without a tick box in sight


sack race

The sack race, home ed ‘free’ style!

spring picnic

Ann Marie and her son really enjoyed themselves at their first Schoolhouse outing: “We loved it and Keiran really felt part of it all. The kids just accepted him and his ways of joining in which made me a happy mammy. They were fantastic and said thanks to Keiran (for bringing the games and certificates) which touched my heart a wee bit.”

sack and chair racers

“It’s not ’til you look at the photos you realise how much fun it was for us all.”

sack race

Some priceless expressions and a flying child!


picnic games

Putting their children in sacks (these home educators are a dodgy bunch!)

egg and spoon race

Chloe concentrates hard, determined to win the egg and spoon race!

mums sack race

The mums’ race ended in a photo finish between Emma, Maryanne (who just managed to keep her breeks on) and Dawn 

With thanks to all our snappers who allowed us to share these ‘home ed in action’ pics.