Our petition continues to attract support and comments from individuals who have been badly affected by the implementation of GIRFEC, despite the fact that no enabling legislation has yet been passed and is, in any case, likely to be subject to legal challenge.  Named Persons and other professionals acting unlawfully may try to argue that they are “just following orders”, but we’ve heard that one before; besides, ignorance of the law is never an excuse.

The Scottish Government has told us it doesn’t think much of anecdotal evidence, clearly preferring the policy based variety, prepared to order, that has allowed it to perpetuate the con that is Getting Information Recorded For Every Citizen and nothing to do with protecting vulnerable children. More fool those professionals who have been kept so occupied with busy work and brainwashed by acronymic mantras that they have failed to notice the damage they are inflicting on children and families with their SHANARRI wheel of misfortune, womb to tomb ‘wellbeing indicators’ and ‘risk factor’ tick boxes. Diverting resources from the protection of children already known to be at risk of harm has been described by one of our supporters as “an unforgivable waste of public funds verging on the criminal” and it is hard to disagree.

By way of example (anecdotal evidence, you might say) we thought that we should highlight some of the latest heartfelt comments left by signatories to our petition as a warning to all parents that their children’s lives will be forcibly invaded by uninvited strangers on a mission to ensure they meet state dictated  outcomes based on tick boxes and the value judgements of Named Puppets.

Alice writes:

I don’t believe that this Bill will do any good even for kids who need help.

It gives the named person the power (in their sole discretion) to share information about the child and advise and support the child. This gives the named person the ability to override the decisions of parents in any case that they deem appropriate. This puts all children in Scotland at risk of abuse by the state, particularly those with additional needs. To suggest otherwise is incredibly naive.

When my son was born it was discovered on a brain scan that he had brain damage. Immediately we became subject to an intense degree of state intrusion. We were told we would not be able to care for him and that he would be profoundly disabled. Social workers, health visitors, support workers all came round and we were forced to spend time away from our son while he was cared for by support workers employed by the state. They all deemed that he required this surveillance. I argued from the start that he didn’t and eventually my formal complaint was upheld and they all disappeared. The sad thing is that they never believed in him and didn’t offer him proper care or give him a chance to develop properly. He was put on medication that he didn’t need.

Once I managed to kick them all out, I focused (as almost any parent would) on making sure that my son achieved as much as possible.

As time went on, it became clearer and clearer that he was not impacted by his brain damage the way that the doctors had thought he would be. Today he is a happy, bright little boy with virtually no problems at all.

If this Bill had been in force I would never have won my case to have the intervention stopped and my son would not have achieved all that he has.

In the vast majority of cases, the parents know best. A child should never be deprived the right for his parents to fight for his wellbeing. This is what parents do. State intrusion should always be a last resort. For this reason im against GIRFEC as it will do more harm than good.

Please do not pass this draconian legislation .

Oliver writes:

I’ve personally experienced the complete failures of both Girfec and the idea of a Named Person.

Whilst in theory they sound fantastic, in practice, they end up causing more issues and stress for the ‘vulnerable’ child/young person.


Donna writes:

My son’s education has been ruined by the GIRFEC system already up and running in the highlands. We are now picking up the pieces for a fed up 17 year old boy.

His health problems were complicated and varied. School took no notice of this, made him and us feel ridiculous for even expecting any help. After taking the highland education authority to arbitration we were given a very minimal amount of help.

The education authority sent a “family worker” to help us. After two 30 min visits I was told that my son would be taken into care if he did not return to school.

He has since had two emergency life saving operations .

The education authority influenced his paediatrician meaning he did not get treatment needed until we took him to another health authority.

We KNOW how dangerous GIRFEC is. An intrusive impossible to police, badly thought out policy. DO NOT ALLOW it to spread throughout Scotland.


Bev writes:

I have personal experience of how GIRFEC does not work in the Highlands and I am alarmed that it is continually portrayed as a role model as to how well it works !

Happy to share detail with anyone. A catalogue of continued failures by education to meet their legal responsibilities and an abysmal treatment of my son who has ME.he was brought to the point of despair and i was deamonised .all attempts to complain and get justice was stone walled and the councils own complaints procedure ignored. I have the past 5 years well documented if you are interested.

Peter writes:

This proposal is unworkable technically, will fail to prevent harm, and is surveillance by the back door. Wrong in every way.

Catherine writes:

Who polices the ‘state’ police? Very, very worrying.

The Scottish Government should be aware by now that enough of us ‘data subjects’ and ‘lab rats’ are prepared to Just Say No to this organised form of unwarranted state intrusion, which has already been shown to be incompatible with the UK Data Protection Act and to flout human rights legislation. Shame on them and all the complicit MSPs (the same bunch that voted against the introduction of ID cards) for pursuing this totalitarian agenda, all the while claiming to embrace the principles of self determination and independence!

In this Brave New Scotland, diversity has become a dirty word, hypocrisy has reached dizzy new heights and the Declaration of Arbroath has been put through the shredder.