One of Schoolhouse’s new year resolutions is to revisit and review the information relating to home education on each of the 32 Scottish council websites so that we can update our local authority link pages.  We have previously posted about this ongoing project.

Now this is no mean feat as, no sooner than a council page is updated on our site, we will be alerted by one of our members to a broken link (invariably with no redirect). A conspiracy theorist might well construe this as a deliberate ploy to frustrate those seeking information about home education and/or to keep us busy playing hide and seek. However, we are ‘charitable’, after all, and so just keep on checking links and information provided on council websites so that we can provide a one-stop Scottish home education resource for members and visitors.

So far this year  we have revisited  and reviewed several local authorities’ home education (often erroneously called  ‘home schooling’ or ‘education at home’)  web pages  (see below) and will be working on the rest as time permits, but we would welcome your help in the form of comments on the recent dealings you may have had with your council so that we can post anonymous ‘customer feedback’ in relation to actual council practice.

Already we have had some useful information sent in by members which suggests practice may not always be perfect and indeed sometimes bears no relation to stated policy! Your input will therefore be invaluable to other home educators who want to be well prepared for possible contact with their local authority.

The councils whose home education information we have recently reviewed are: Fife Council, Stirling Council, Clackmannanshire Council, Argyll & Bute Council, Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council, Angus Council. Some of it is reasonably good, we are pleased to say, but we would be interested to hear from home educators’ mouths just how well local policy is reflected in practice.