Welcome to Schoolhouse!

Welcome to the website of Schoolhouse, Scotland’s national home education support charity (SCO26965).

Schoolhouse is a well established and respected source of independent information for parents, carers and young people who are starting out on the home education path, families who may be thinking about educating their children outside the classroom, and those who just want to know more about how home education works.

We aim to provide reassurance that home-based education is not only a legal and successful alternative to schooling, but that is now widely practised in Scotland and that independent  information and support are freely available from Schoolhouse and via the wider home educating community.

No matter the reason for your visit, we hope you will find our website a useful resource and that you may consider joining and/or donating to Schoolhouse to allow us to continue supporting families, who, for many different reasons, have decided to educate their children outside the school system.